O3M has specialized in mechanical milling and turning of metal materials for over 40 years has been able to evolve over time by adding to its activities the creation of special tools and mechanical tools aimed especially at the valve sector.
Every time we open a presentation brochure or a new site, what do we find?
Always the usual names: leading company in its sector, continuous search for modern machinery and advanced solutions, etc ...
O3M has instead decided to put people first, because it is they who make a company special.
We can invest in the most advanced technologies but without people who put love in their work, who believe in what they do and who primarily focus on themselves every day, everything else becomes superfluous or even vain.
O3M has always believed in the fantastic strength of the human factor by cultivating honesty and sincerity relationships with its customers, partnerships and suppliers that have lasted in most cases for decades.
In life as in work, trust is essential to grow.
Here, O3M puts his family, his passion, his desire to deserve your trust and to show you that when you need it we will be there to give you the best of ourselves.


Finished products warehouse

We also offer a quick delivery service

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Raw material retail

We guarantee fast home delivery

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Mechanical design

3D modeling.

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External services

Taking advantage of consolidated partnership relationships with local companies.

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Specialized workers

The selection of staff is always very accurate

We work with passion

For over 40 years we have been at the customer's service trying to satisfy him in the best way.


We make fast service one of our core businesses.

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Specialized in the components of the valve sector

Over the years O3M, following the market requests, has refined its specialization in the valve sector with creation of tools, equipment and mechanical devices suitable to satisfy all customer requests. The strength of O3M lies in the great working flexibility without losing sight of the high degree of specialization that has always distinguished it over the years ..

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State-of-the-art warehouse

Service of stock of finished parts ready for delivery or in stock for customers.

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Innovation and knowledge

Our success to keep up with the times ...